MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dear Brother MKR,

Winners are made, not born. Wow... so young and so successful.

Alhamdulillah. It is very comforting to learn there is an “Anak Melayu” who thrives in the corporate world.

To get where you are, I believe you have worked hard, been steadfast to your principles and have the right attitude.

Can't you see right now that my eyes are green with envy?

Great inspiration indeed.

From the start, the first time we met, I knew all along that you are my junior of many years.

But maturity is not reflected by age. At work, I am surrounded by peers whom most I address as “adik-adik”.

Nevertheless, I am overwhelmed by their maturity and dedication to their career. The team in MRSM KK epitomizes hard work and unity.

They have been my source of inspiration. I don't have to look far. Naturally, I suffer the saddest feeling leaving them behind to seek greener pasture in my new assigned as MRSM Principal at East Cost Peninsular.

There is another junior of mine who has passion in what he does.

We used to exchange economics lecture notes.

He was the President of Kelab UMNO('85-'88) at our university (Wellington Univeristy, New Zealand).

When asked what his ambition was, he said, 'Prime Minister of Malaysia'.

I did not mean to be cruel but I had to giggle.

Well, now he is the MP for “Pontian” paving his way towards his noble goal with a truly sense of patriotism deeply ingrained in him since he was a student.

I think I have found my new source of inspiration to whet my appetite for betterment in life...

This is you “Brother MKR” – very young and success!

Yours Faithfully,

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