MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Thursday, July 21, 2016


1. Start your day with “SUPER 5S” activity – do it by yourself:
a) Spend 10-20 minutes to do Cleaning & Arrangement at your work station, files, papers, etc.
b) Take out and scrap all unnecessary items and keep safe all important documents.
c) Upgrade your File Master List, File Detail List, Cabinet Master List, etc.
d) Soft Copy File: Scan all relevant documents, letters, memos, reports, etc. Keep in PC Folder. (Copy to CD).

2. Talk to your staff – in better working environment all staff sit together in relax mode and share about daily task and follow up. All staff acknowledges everybody schedule and easy to get help each other as ONE TEAM spirit. In other terms this system is called “STAFF WORK STATION MEETING” (Spend about 10-20 minutes).

3. Motivation to Staff – Call your staff to your office and spend 10-20 minutes to listen their ideas and problem. Otherwise you can go to your staff work station and start to communicate in a highly positive motivational and professional manner.

4. Develop your Staff Skill & Knowledge – Always sharing what you have done and try to share with your staff. Next process, let your staff do it and both of you share it together to do it. Dare to Dream. Dare to fail. Dare to learn from mistakes. Mistakes are a process to develop our skills.

5. Team Work Spirit - Always sharing with your relevant staff on what are you doing and follow up. Always give your positive remarks on your staff good efforts and positive attitudes.

6. Support and Promote your staff – Always support our staff by giving them more new tasks and job scope to promote their skills and knowledge. Give them a positive motivation such as they are future company Management Team.

7. Discipline without punishment – Management by example, management by mutual respect and understanding. Management by self-discipline. Rewards system for good and excellent discipline staff.


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