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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

True Story - A Wife 's Obedience

Story of “JARAH” (perhaps her name is ZAHARAH, but in the village called ' JAGHOH ').

This story is not suitable to be read by women of this age, especially if you are glamorous cash paid “USTAZAH” talks invitation.
But this is a true story that occurred probably around 1970.
This story told by Uncle Aaron (Not Aaron Aziz the Malay Movie Actor)himself to me, who witnessed the incident.
JARAH is a daughter to "Traditional Villagers Nurse" in Kg. Sungai Golok, Thailand.
No possessions, no educated. Her husband works in Singapore (This workers popular by name “MAT SPURA” during that time), return only occasionally.
JARAH is homeless; her child is only one, JARAH staying in her father in law house.
From the stories told, Cinderella herself wills did not want to live that way.
Starting from the morning, JARAH wash clothes in-laws, on the banks of “MADRASAH” well. Not finished washing, leave a heartbeat go up fish, cook and wash again. When a child cries, stay a moment go back breast-feeding and washing.
Finished washing, she cleaned the house and cooking for dinner.
Her meals are what remain of the family's food.
No lipstick, No hair shampoo and no perfumes. That's JARAH daily nature life.
When her husband returns occasionally, this stupid husband never gives her any single cents or money.
Her “barbarian” husband just gives all presents, gifts and money to his mother and family members. NOT TO HIS OWN WIFE, “JARAH”.
In fact, JARAH don’t have her own “KAIN KKANO” (prayer cloth), just waiting for the law can be borrowed for prayers.
Asks shouted verbal insult of family law has become his daily food.
But JARAH never denied. JARAH never answered.
Amortized, fixed daily work sincerely.
Uncle Aaron had suggested, "You’re going to be asking for “fasakh” JARAH, how can you stay like this ".
JARAH answered, "oh brother, I was his legitimate wife. If he divorced me; thank God, otherwise I do is make my work as usual, I will obey, because he is my husband.
One day, while JARAH washing the clothes as usual.
Sound -in-law brought the fish back on the market.
JARAH leave wash cloths, for up fish and cook.
Not ready to fish weeding, heard the sound of children crying. Instant fish was covered under the carpet. Suddenly, in-law went into the kitchen to enjoy a meal as usual. They opened pot, there was no rice. In the open -to-eat only fish that are still not ready weeding.
What's more, her in-laws start to curse and insult, while calling and looking for JARAH; they saw JARAH in the bedroom, with his nurse in the chest. JARAH woken - up, rocked ... not even want to get up.
JARAH had passed away. He estimates that the 30's.
Rumoured said, Imam of Masjid Golok at that time don’t want to perform as Imam to "Solat Jenazah" for JARAH, after he knew JARAH is not wealthy.
Just a piece of cloth covering "JARAH" body.
Then prayers were led by Pak Ali history (his name is enshrined in the Kelantan Ulama leaders after independence issued by MAIK - Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan).
Even her grave dug on the outskirts of the area.
About 5 months later, one of LEBAI in that village incidentally  doing a spritual event called “TAHLIL” near JARAH’s  grave.
Fragrant smell something pierced nose. "There is a scent?”.
He asked the congregation. "There is the grave! In searching, they found a grave, the soil is still red, palm fronds were pricked still green, even grass and weeds do not grow near his grave (many weeds around him, but stopped when approaching the grave).
He continued directing the assembly of flush water and soil to bury the other, thinking perhaps there is a flush of rose water, given the grave still looks new. "Who is this new die?" LEBAI asked. "There are no new people die here in this village”.
News quickly spread. Uncle Aaron immediately recognized, that is JARAH’s grave. It was never abandoned anyone fall flat. Several days passed, the tomb still fragrant, Imam immediately ordered that the grave be made fence, he said, "This is the grave of the righteous".
"Thatch grave markers disappear overnight, from leaves to stems taken, supposedly taken thanks.
Told, this JARAH is not known as many worshipers. What's more pounds had to borrow a prayer clothfrom in-law. But he was never heard to complain of fate itself.
Never condemn the cruel law itself. Never nag her husband 's real neglecting herself .
To all modern women, no matter how bad, is that bad, as high as any loosed your husband, but if you stick to it generously , God willing paradise awaits .

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