MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Friday, March 25, 2016


MKR has been entrusted by the Head of Division to help our “Engineering Feasibility Study Team” at the military camp.

This military camp was too old and worn out as it is built in the early 1960s.
Somehow, MKR has several times mistaken path all the way to the camp.
Seeing the dilapidated camps, the hairs stand on end without us really expected.
Really creepy,  Haris and Jasnizam in Engineering Expert group accompanied by MKR.
Starting with the dilapidated building, we continued with empty and abandoned old palace.
After that we were taken by military officers to command it a very old palace that is no longer used.
Camp officials and technicians together with MKR had decided that we do not want to visit into the spooky castle.
But instead of Haris and Jasnizam.
They lie in bed casually sign a palace maid.
They are ready to roll jump on the bed ' of the late king ' who had long died.
Indeed Palace is unoccupied again, but already in the notice to be torn down eventually.
MKR reminded Haris and Jasnizam, but they remain stubborn laughing laughter in the old palace.
Somehow MKR is very uncomfortable with the situation at the time.
Exactly at 5pm, the JKR technicians rushed to go home.
His final words to MKR just before he went home: "Be careful brother MKR, if later “SOMETHING WILL FOLLOW YOU”.
Oh my goodness!!!
At 7 pm we arrived at the accommodation.
We took a Bath & Pray at Hotel.
Next, we went out for dinner. We want to taste a local special recipe sour.
Oh my goodness, an OLD GRAVE is located besides the restaurant.

The first taste we are shocked, which we ate SUPER SPICY sour.
Even the next table, the sour is not very spicy. Questionable; it from the same pan, same Cook and Chef……
We went back to the hotel quickly.
We are starting a LONG NIGHT “journey” in our life.
MKR could not sleep due to both my legs are scratched and pulled by ghostly creatures.
Jasnizam and Haris also cannot sleep.
Suddenly, they have non-stop diarrhoea simultaneous
They also heard the sound of finger nails clawed their hotel room’s door.
On the way back to our town, MKR felt cyclicality far away in the forest.
Suddenly, I found that my car stopped in darkness jungle of rubber trees.
When asked local people outside there, the area is a creepy place where many bodies were found a murder victim before.
Until now, this real story is in the MKR memory.
Thank you.

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