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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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WARNING about safety procedures when filling gasoline at gas stations:
 1) Turn off your engine before you start filling petrol.
2) Keep the fuel source from children. Never allow children to gasoline vehicles. Follow directions petrol station which is only 16 years old and above are allowed to refuel.
 3) No smoking. Remember, do not pluck a fire or turn a match at a petrol station. Any 'ignition' will cause a fire.
4) Give full attention during refuelling. This is because you are transferring hazardous materials. Do not do lightly.
5) Do not use any communication materials, especially electronic hardware such as mobile phones, laptops and so on during refuelling.
6) Do not fill the oil completely. Avoid spilling liquid as it is very easy to switch to gas and flammable.
7) Also avoid refuelling properly because of heat stress on a full tank can explode if there is no room to expand.
8) After filling let 'nozzle' moment in the hole to prevent the fuel tank from dripping. Do not knock 'nozzle' on the tank due to fear of 'ignition'.
9) “Park” the 'nozzle' to its original place very slowly.
10) In case of fire in the tank, do not move 'nozzle' is. Save the passengers who were in the vehicle. Please get help from a petrol station staff immediately.
11) Do not get in and out of the vehicle refuelling. This is because the change in charge on the body can occur and may cause a fire.
12) If you want to fill gasoline into a container, make sure the container is removed from the vehicle in advance and filled out the vehicle. Be sure not filled completely to make room for the expanding gas petrol.
Notes ** Petrol means any fuel derived from petroleum, including diesel and natural gas (NGV).
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