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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Part of National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS)

1. As Malaysia continues its ambitious journey towards becoming an advanced nation by 2050, the government has adopted Blue Ocean Strategy to deliver programs and services to the public that are high-impact, low cost, and rapidly executed.

2.  Through National Blue Ocean Strategy, over 80 ministries and agencies – from the police and military, to women, youth, and higher education organizations – are collaborating to formulate and execute creative blue ocean strategy initiatives that are transforming the country.

a) Improve Skills Training Quality.

b) Work hand-in-hand for the people.

c) Resolving Welfare woes.

d) Resources to be optimised.

e) Safeguarding Retired Citizen.

f) Change begins with the workforce.

g) To reduce national expenditure.

h) Low cost, high impact, rapidly executed initiatives.

i) Blessed the people.

j) Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

k) Rural Transformation Centre (RTC).

l) Building Strong Foundation.

m) Join community transformation programme.

n) Centres: Raise Quality of Life.

o) Out to make Volunteerism a hit.

p) Making Neighbourhoods things of beauty.

q) Charting a better future for hawkers.

s) Serving people, touching lives.

t) To create conducive ecosystem for Successful Entrepreneurs.

u) Aiding buddy entrepreneurs.

w) Armed Forces & Police JV: to fight crime.

x)  Empowering the youth to face changes in globalization.

y)  Others.

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