MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Dear Brother MKR ,

I read and reread every line,on "MKR BLOG"; absorbing its simple practicality and sinking in its ideal. Very beautiful and inspiring indeed. I picture myself with optimism heading happily towards achieving my concrete goals if I hang on to all these golden rules.

If I were asked to choose between IQ and EQ,I would choose the latter-EQ.No doubt IQ is important but without the right attitude, even a genius from Harvard can be cheated easily or the other way round, others will be oppressed by him/her. I love my job especially when I am among my students.

I think I am a good worker in terms of punctuality,carrying out job specifications and teamwork.I reach at office 7.30a.m. and leave for home around 7.00p.m. I am not so defensive when criticisms are hurled at me.Only that when I get back home,my eyes will become puffy after pouring it all out to my other half. Hah..hah. However, I will stand up to my rights when circumstances grant me to do it.I will really stick to my guns.

I have three bosses. I respect all of them. Surely, I adore and idolise my workaholic,stern but understanding Principal. A pressing matter is I find it challenging to work with the other boss who has different opinions or rather values.Voicing out alternatives or improvements is always miscontrued as defying orders.She (oops!) went ballistic once when I raised my dissatisfaction in a meeting. I thought it was proper ,at least I was not backbiting.Maybe I was not tactical or diplomatic enough. Well-I must polish up my interpersonal skills and adhere to your advices concerning attitude..

Since then, our friendship was flushed down the drain. I tried to make up since I regard her as my superior but for some people they simply can't forgive and forget.I sometimes find myself at my wit's end on days when her emotion is like a roller coaster.

InsyaALLAH, I will print out what you have sent to me without changing one bit and place it on my desk here in my office ,practise it and be an outstanding performer.

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