MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange the latest developments in sludge management. It will give possibilities to examine and discuss the different challenges connected to resource recovery through treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge. The conference covers sludge management and anaerobic digestion with a broad holistic system perspective. It includes the recycling of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen by focusing on upstream treatment to reduce harmful substances in wastewater, as well as on the production of biogas as a fuel for vehicles. The certification of treated sludge is another important condition for the possibilities to recycle sludge to farmland areas. We also want to share knowledge, practices and ideas for the future directions of process development. The sludge treatment is one of the key issues to be solved. The aim of the conference is to take a major step forward to where all aspects of sludge management are addressed. Proposed Themes: Production and utilization of biogas Nutrient recovery processes Processes for hygienization of sludge The need for a holistic approach including i.e. environmental effects from sludge handling/management in the total performance efficiency of wastewater treatment Use of sludge for energy generation including combustion and supercritical gasification Emerging contaminants in sludge – upstream separation and optimization to decrease negative effects by detoxification Physical and chemical pre-treatment processes, including chemical conditioning, thickening, dewatering, drying Modelling of anaerobic processes Methane emission from sludge treatment. MKR

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