MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Monday, August 30, 2010


In the journey of life, everyone is faced with various hardships. These hardships are like onerous borders lay upon one’s shoulder. Therefore, to lead a better and carefree life, the following suggestions should be taken into consideration.

Life moves in circle. Moods of depression will be followed by periods of confidence and optimism like night follows day.

Accept the responsibilities that are imposed upon you. Do not shirk them. Do not drift through life without purpose. Be worthy of your manhood or womanhood and do not get buffeted about.

Live for the day and fill it with worthy deeds. Fill it with positive and constructive efforts. Be forgetful of the past and confident about the future.

Do not drag the past behind you. Be imaginative to a certain extent, but avoid wishful thinking. Do not fuss and be regretful of the wrong which you have done. Learn from your mistakes. Preparation does not live in regret. Live triumphantly to the full. Life is to live.

Throughout a man’s life, happiness is mingled with anger. However, always avoid anger and fear. Anger is never justified. It is only a shadow of ignorance. Do not be proud because you can become angry. It will poison your body. Fear is the worst of all vices. Very few of yours fear are realized.

Insincerity is irritating and painful. Do you feel it? Therefore, always be sincere and honest. No man can achieve greatness without it, yet the most humble may be honored if he possessed it. It is better to be an honest rebel than to pretend loyalty to any person or cause.

Do not take it for granted that good health is a blessing. Do your almost to preserve it by wise living. A weak body will never be able to accomplish a satisfactory task. Do not abuse yourself by adopting foolish habits such as sabotage other person achievement; smoking opium, drinking and faulty thinking.

Substitute hatred and jealousy with love and sympathetic understanding. It is easy to hate and envy others. So, why not try the alternative though difficult-love and understanding. No ingenious man wants a soft life. If you show love and understanding, you will not be surprised to find yourself loved in turn by everyone.

Nobody in this world is perfect; but one should have the courage to live near perfection. Thus, always aim for perfection in your life. Please keep telling yourself; I’m here in the organization, I’m here in this country, I’m here in this community: to be a contributor not a passenger!

If you pursue this, your happiest day will come and the meaning of life will be understood.



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