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Friday, July 23, 2010


The dust has not even settled yet (on the proposal that Asas Serba had purportedly sent to the Govenrment) we already have another player.

SMASH PLUS? So who is this SM?

Pun intended, this writer seems to think that Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary Serba Highway might just smash PLUS!

Let’s recap;

Asas Serba’s proposal:

RM50B to take over all assets of highway concessions
20% toll reduction across the board
And this is Syed Mokhtar’s purported proposal:

RM45B to take over all assets of highway concessions
10% toll reduction across the board
NO toll increases ever on the remaining years of concession
Looking at the recent emergence of this ‘mirror’ proposal (and it’s no wonder how certain details of proposals can just find their way to rival bids…), I will bet that Syed Mokhtar will see himself as the front runner given his seemingly magical hands in making a living of privatisation of government assets.

Funny how this seems to me like ‘Die Hard part 4′!

Is it just me or did someone just say ‘please Mr.Tycoon, we NEED you now!’ First Halim Saad’s very possible link with Asas Serba and now Syed Mokhtar.

Are we really that short of ideas and home grown saviours?

Word has it that the SM proposal was submitted to EPU some two weeks back…..Hmmmm! EPU is that Yackob guy! Hmmmmm.

Watch this site closely though, because we know something is gonna happen, and given the ‘I’m in’ ante, I won’t discount any other players too!

Could it be that Syed Mokhtar and Halim Saad are bed mates? Maybe it’s Syed Mokhtar Asas Serba Highway!

Or maybe its just Syed Mokhtar’s way of getting back at his lost opportunity in the double tracking censure of his company.

Whichever way you look at it, we have two cronies coming back to take a bigger bite at the cake!


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