MKR with YAB Dato' Sri Najib

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear Colleagues & Brothers,


When Sir Walter Raleigh first took the tobacco plant back to United Kingdom from his Jew’s connection at North America, he cannot possibly have realized how much trouble it would cause more than hundred years later.

It has now been established that many hundreds of thousands of people die every year from smoking related diseases and many countries are now looking for ways limit this dreadful death toll.

In Malaysia it is now against the law to smoke in many places, particularly where food is being served. However, you only have to venture outside many restaurants to see people lighting up in relief. The fact that their habit is limited by law may even make it more attractive to some people for there is always the lure of forbidden fruit to temp them.

This is a particular problem with experiment with the things their parents forbade them to do. A recent law prevents the sale cigarettes to those under the age of eighteen, but the determined will always find a way around such a rule.

I’m quite happy when YB Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (MOH’s Minister) announced that a minimum price for 20’s Cigarettes now is RM6.40. But for me, it still cheap!

Most flights in this region, and in many other parts of the globe, now ban smoking completely, which must be a great relief to those poor non-smokers trapped for several hours in the confined space of an aircraft. Once again, once the aero plane has landed and you will see the smokers anxiously looking for their cigarettes before they even reach the Arrival Hall.

There is no doubt that the new wave of laws to limit smoking have done much to provide the non-smoker with a pleasanter and healthier environment in which to work and play. The smoker who is trying to give up has also been helped by these laws and many appreciate the times when their temptation is controlled by powers stronger than their own. There are still, however, large numbers of people who continue to endanger their lives, and the lives of others. What is worse is that every year many young people begin to smoke and soon become addicted to something that will probably kill them.

Any government that decides to ban smoking completely from their country would be taking a brave step. By forcibly improving the safety and health of their citizens they would be reducing the cost to the country’s safety and health services and improving the productivity of their industries. They would also, however, have a face a downturn in their popularity among opposition party leaders especially in Malaysia nowadays. Politics is everywhere!

I hope our Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak and his administration Ministers to work hard with their Continual Improvement Plan. Increasing number of non-smokers among our citizen is apart of good KPI & KRA. I am confident in Najib Administration concept: 1 Malaysia - People First and Achievement is Priority.

I do believe Najib will put ‘non-smoking’ people first, and take the consequences.

Faithfully yours,



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