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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Time slips by slowly without notifying you and all of a sudden you find yourself an adult. Yet when you expect time to fly, it obstinately takes so long to pass. That was what I experienced on looking back at my childhood.

On tracing my earliest memories I can only remember some fonder ones of experiences which would never happen again. But then these marvelous experiences, I am glad to say, cross your path only once, seldom twice, in your lifetime, even if you wanted them to be repeated.

I remember the day my elder sister said to me that the time had come for me to be put into English Tuition Centre to learn what she called the “fundamental rudiments of my education.”

I did not really understand what that meant, not until I was shoved into the cold dinghy classroom to land on a rickety old bench, face to face with the equally cold, bearded face of the class Master, who I was later to discover to my horror, had a most unearthly thirst for the prompt application of the ‘rod’ to the soft plump back of those miserable pupils who were caught looking out of the windows for assuring signs of their badly needed mothers.

At the desperate moment, I too badly missed my mother but I was smart enough not to show it, and sat up straight, enduring the painful sensation which bugs under the chair seemed to have pleasure in providing, and at the same time, cursing away, silently though at the slowness the minute hand of the Headmaster clock took covering a minute. My actual route caused was cannot understand all instruction in my hand that quoted in English.

My English is too bad. I have zero basics to speak, read and write in English previously. I’m just study at normal ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ school from age six until seventeenth. I had profound sorrow sadness to be apart in English Tuition Centre. I need to speak, read and write in English at almost a few hours a day!
That was about more than twenty years ago. Memories are like dreams. They seem so far and yet so near.

When I’m stayed in Los Angeles City to prepare my official commencement meeting with our client, I realized that English is very important nowadays, to expedite developing our nation in a consistent professional manner such as learning curve process on Science and Technology.

No doubt, English is International Language. Deal a business, e-economy, e-learning, across a country border, mixing all religious and nation around the globe, we mostly required to communicate in English.

Until today, I can create a Bahasa Malaysia poem efficiently event I’m using English in my communication. Frankly speaking, of late I have been in some business deal with a few client from overseas. In the recent recession and crash of the market in Dubai, I have lots of business meeting to be conducted. Learning English is not just for a study requirement matters. English implementation in actual industry and business communication nowadays is compulsory and for our country faster development towards year 2020 vision.

English learning is for our nation life betterment. Under 1 Malaysia concept, we can highly appreciate by other nation in the world because of our people living standard through education continual improvement scheme. So many expatriate from other countries are choosing Malaysia as their second home to be stayed.

Living in smooth harmony and secure political stability country likes Malaysia, is a gifted for them. People with 80% well English educated is apart of our country growth.


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